State of Never Being: A YA Time Travel




Forced to face a killer with every waking state? The whispers deemed it impossible. The fear in Persephone’s eyes says otherwise.

For time-traveling assassin who can’t stomach killing, surviving one mission means waking up in the next—

and facing another killer. 

Then she falls for a boy whose moral courage matches her own, but whose assignment to protect history stands between her and freedom.

Kind Words


  • Your premise is so much fun, so different, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! 

~Judi Lauren, Editor

  • Vivid descriptions. Build up of tension and conflict. Exciting read!

~RWA Golden Rose Contest

  • The author has a beautiful voice, easy to read and compelling. Great piece! 

~RWA Golden Rose Contest

Favorite Lines


  •  I squeeze harder, eclipsing her throat completely. “Make no mistake: I do not spare your life today by the hand of pity. Over a thousand years, your hatred will dissipate until all that remains is the kindest of hearts.”


  • There are so many questions that I need ask him. There’s the very real possibility that I shouldn’t trust him until I get the right answers. But there’s no way I’m disrupting something that feels so right—the rising light in an abyss designed to suck me to the black bottom. 

  • …it’s happened again. I’m in the shadows of a room that knows death. Not one that dreams of it.